Research & Development

  1. Syrohchem R&D facility is an ISO 9001:2015, GMP & FDA accredited and delivering numerous leading products to pharmaceutical, chemical, clinical research,specialty chemical, academic and government research institutions and healthcare industry.

  2. Focusing on process development activity internally to manufacture the chemicals continuously and economically

  3. Perform In-house synthesis for Pharmaceutical Reference Standards & Research Molecules and also do custom synthesis as per customer requirement

  4. The company is actively engaged in development of new product development.

  5. We work on to introduce new novel & innovative product portfolios in the area of specialty chemicals, advanced intermediates, A Impurity reference standards, Metabolites, Agrochemical Impurities, Building blocks & pharmaceuticals to provide best monopolistic products to the world.

  6. Our R&D facility is supported by experienced scientists as well as well-equipped analytical instruments. We do continuous research on New Molecule Development and on least available products in the global market.

  7. We do custom synthesis starting from milligram level to kilogram level with stringent respective pharmacopeia & chemicals guidelines.

  8. Pioneer in development of Neomenthyl Chloride, 1,3-Dihydroxy Acetone & Benzotriazol manufacturing technology in India.