For Synthesis

The Synthesis grade reagents are used as building blocks, specific reagents for acetylation, alkylation, reduction and oxidation etc for chemical synthesis.

Laboratory Reagents (LR) Grade

The reagents are suitable in qualitative, semi quantitative analysis, organic synthesis and general use in laboratory this grade complies with critical tests of raw material used in API, agrochemicals and specialty chemicals.

Analytical Reagent (AR/ACS) Grade (complies with ACS standards)

The reagents exceed the specifications of American Chemical Society’s 11th edition and are ideally suitable for quantitative chemical analysis.

Analytical Reagent (AR) Grade

The AR grade reagents meet the highest purity standards are ideally suitable for quantitative chemical analysis in food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and environment analysis.

AR Dry Solvents

The solvents have high purity with low moisture content and are ideally suited for chemical reactions which are moisture sensitive. These solvents are used in moisture estimation through KF titration, organometallic compound synthesis like Grignard reagent and organic compounds synthesis in anhydrous environment.

Gradient HPLC Solvents

The solvents are tested as per ACS, 11th edition on gradient elution test. These solvents are free from UV absorbing impurities and ensure consistent result in gradient analysis.

HPLC and Spectroscopy

The solvents are suitable for HPLC, UV spectroscopy and are tested for purity, absorbance and impurity profile

LCMS Grade

Solvents are tested for suitability in LCMS analysis as mobile phase and for sample preparation. Products are also tested with stringent limits for fluorescence & elemental impurities to give best result without interference.

GC-HS Grade

The GC-HS solvents are free from organic volatile impurities and low boilers. Products are tested as per USP & ICH guideline.

Gas Chromatography (GC) Grade

The GC Grade Solvents are used as a diluent for Pharma, Pesticide in Food samples & pollutants in Environmental samples in Gas chromatography analysis.

Gas Chromatography (GC) Reference Standards

GC standards are used for the identification of unknown compounds, as standards in quantitative analysis, and for the characterization of column properties. RohStan™ is our registered trade mark.

Classical or Bulk Solvents

We do distillation manufacturing of 43 solvents with production capacity of 75MT per day. Solvents are available in 25 Ltrs, 35 Ltrs & 200 Ltrs etc.

Pharmaceutical Reference Standards CRM/Reference Standards/Working Standards

We do in-house synthesis of CRMs, RS & WS for all kinds of APIs, Impurities & Reagents. We follows respective pharmaceutical authorised body guidelines and synthesize the best quality products inhouse.

Deuterated NMR Solvents

Our range of Deuterated NMR solvents have the highest isotopic purity to identify the signals of common impurities. We qualify in-house the method with extra precaution on quality and standards.

Stable Isotope Labelled Compounds

Isotope Labelled Compounds used effectively by drug metabolism, scientists and toxicologists to gain better understanding of drugs disposition and their potential role in target organ toxicities. We produce the highest quality material to the expectations of biomedical researchers.

Pharmacopoeia Grade Solvents

The Pharmacopoeia labelled solvents are manufactured under respective pharmacopeia authorised body and specifications comply with USP, Ph. Eur., BP, IP Pharmacopoeias monographs.ade Product Specifications / Customer Specific Products.